Early 70's

Members (various times):

Lead vocal: Tony Lumpkin

Lead vocal: Buddy Causey

Ronnie Brown- guitar

Mike Lawley- guitar

Michael Cadenhead- drums

Steve Samples- drums

Phillip Howell- bass

Jerry Bridges- bass

Joe Breckenridge- bass

Randy Carmichael- bass

Mike Rives- keyboards, trombone

Dennis Gully- keyboards

John Ard- violin

Buddy didn't really dig the hat; it messed up his hair (but what the hell).
CROSS at Diamond Jims, Birmingham, AL
Great pic of Buddy Causey (at left)
ED. NOTE: This is an old newspaper pic of CROSS with Tony Lumpkin and Phillip Howell. This was the lineup the first time I saw the group on the quad at JSU around 1971 or 1972. They opened up with "Jesus Christ, Superstar" with their violin cranked up to around 150 db and knocked the crowd's socks off. Tony Lumpkin, fresh from his stint with "The Bleus"* of Gadsden, was dynamite that day.
* Check out "The Bleus" website at