Mike Bruce- drums, vocals

Lanice Morrison- bass, vocals

Mark Thompson- guitar, vocals

Jeff Mooneyham- guitar, vocals

Tim Hammond- guitar, fiddle, vocals

In the 90's Tim Hammond, Mark Thompson and Mike Bruce were playing as The Fabulous Dogs, then added Lanice Morrison and became The Hilliblly Romeos. Tim dropped out to return to school and was replaced by Jeff Mooneyham, shown in the picture above.
Agency flyer, Romeos
A poster from the movie Nobody's Baby. The Hillbilly Romeos wrote the song 'Pig Knuckle and a P.B.R., sang by Lanice Morrison, which was featured in this movie. Ray Honea's girlfriend was working on the movie in Utah when the producers asked her if she knew any good "trailor trash" music. She naturally thought of the Romeos.
Hillbilly Romeos was a country/southern rock/rockabilly band formed in Albertville Alabama in the early 1990's. The group began with three members Mike Bruce, Mark Thompson and Tim Hammond that had worked together as a rock trio called the Fabulous Dogs. With the addition of Lanice Morrison on bass guitar, Tim moved back to guitar and fiddle and the group Hillbilly Romeos was born. Mike and Tim had been writing together for several years and soon began composing tunes for this band. Most were recorded with a home studio setup. In 1992 Tim left the band was replaced by Jeff Mooneyham on guitar. Several studio recordings were made and a CD was compiled after Mooneyham came into the band. Mooneyham also contributed original songs to the group. One song from the disc, Pig Knuckles and a PBR, was featured in the movie Nobody's Baby starring Gary Oldman, Skeet Ulrich and Mary Steenburgen. A couple of cuts have been heard from time to time on XM Radio channel 12 X-Country.
Romeo's stage plot. A good example of how things progressed from the 70's to the 90's. We used to draw squares on the back of a cigarette pack.
You better believe that this is a damn rough lookin crew- looks like Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve. Squeal like a pig.
A shot of the Hillbilly Romeos taken from the balcony at Miss Kitty's in Marietta, GA. Pictured are Tim Hammond, Mike Bruce, Lanice Morrison and Mark Thompson. Miss Kitty's is now a Mexican grocery store.
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